We have to embrace
Getting Older, But let's age

If you would like to define and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, Rubi Brows & Skincare offers permanent eyeliner in Lehi, Utah, to give you a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Our Master Esthetician, Fatima Rubino, can use permanent eyeliner to refresh the color and shape of aging eyes, create the appearance of thicker lashes by tattooing the roots of existing lashes, or add a dramatic flair to the eyes, allowing you to save time you would spend applying eyeliner every day.

Whether you want a fine, thin line or a fuller one, our esthetician will work with you to discover your preferences and make helpful suggestions. While most people prefer a more natural liner color such as shades of brown and black – you may also choose more colorful options such as green or blue. Ultimately, the width and color of the eyeliner is decided by you. Additionally, depending on your preference, our esthetician can apply permanent eyeliner to the top or bottom of your eyelid, or to both.

A more vibrant appearance can be yours with our permanent eyeliner services. We invite you to contact us at 801-901-6045 to schedule an appointment with Fatima Rubino.