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Getting Older, But let's age

75 minutes

You deserve a moment of peace and relaxation while melting away tension and fatigue by transforming your facial treatment into an extraordinary relaxation experience. During our hot stone signature relaxing facial, our Master Esthetician uses warm smooth stones to gently massage the face, and décolleté (upper chest, neck, shoulder and cleavage areas). The heated stones feel like hot fingers massaging your face. This stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins. The heat and energy of the stones de-stresses, energizes, deep cleanses, increases circulation, and promotes firming and toning.

The benefits of this treatment are numerous. Our hot stone facial is especially ideal for people who often feel cold and have blood circulation problems. Massaging the point between your eyes helps transfer stagnant energy and clear headaches. Beneath the eyes, the treatment will decrease puffiness and tension lines. The light pressure on the cheeks and nasal cavities will help clear sinus congestion.

If you would like to experience the tremendous benefits of our hot stone facial in Lehi, Utah, please contact us at 801-901-6045 to schedule an appointment with Fatima Rubino.