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1 hour

Fatima Rubino uses our microcurrent and LED facial in Lehi, Utah, to help stimulate and re-tone the face muscles. It was originally created by a doctor that had a patient whose skin sagged skin as a result of muscle atrophy. This treatment uses small amounts of current which stimulate the energy of the skin cell to “re-educate” the muscle to lift. It helps tighten the skin around the jaws, tightens loose skin around the neck area and removes bags around the eyes. It is totally painless and should be done at least twice. For the best results, it should be done in regularly, depending on how long you want the benefits to last. It’s also great for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It is called the “lunch-time face lift,” and many celebrities use it right before going on the red carpet. This treatment helps them to look refreshed and energized without any bruising from needles. Again, for best results, it is recommended that you have a series of 6 treatments.

Our microcurrent and LED facial is an excellent way to tone, lift, and firm the skin without the surgery required in a facelift. If you want to experience this potent facial treatment for yourself, we invite you to contact Rubi Brows & Skincare at 801-901-6045 to make an appointment with our Master Esthetician.