We have to embrace
Getting Older, But let's age

Fatima Rubino is thrilled to offer gentlemen eyebrow design in Lehi, Utah. At Rubi Brows & Skincare, we believe that eyebrow grooming doesn’t just apply to females. Different rules, however, apply to men and women when shaping the brows. Our approach to eyebrow design for males is to not remove a great deal of hair or shape them like a woman’s, with high or dramatic arches. Instead, a simple grooming will make them look more in line. Sometimes, the only procedure that is needed is to trim the brows or removing a few stray hairs.

Our Master Esthetician will carefully assess how much hair should be removed and from where to ensure your brows will have you looking well-groomed and distinguished. With our gentlemen’s eyebrow design, you can still maintain a masculine look but with the added benefit of appearing more polished. Additionally, older men may find that having their brows professionally groomed makes them appear younger. Hair on the eyebrow droops due to aging, so groomed eyebrows on a man open the eyes, resulting in an “eyelift.”

If you would like additional information on our gentlemen eyebrow design or would like to schedule your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at 801-901-6045 .