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With eyebrow tinting in Lehi, Utah, Fatima Rubino can create a polished and well-groomed look. If you have sparse or lighter-colored brows, having them tinted can do wonders for their appearance. The tinting process involves applying a gentle dye to your arches for about 10 to 15 minutes to tint them a shade or two darker. Our Master Esthetician will carefully assess your face and brows to determine the right tone necessary to accentuate your face shape and make your eyes pop. This process is especially beneficial for sparse brows, as the dye is able to grab the lighter hairs to create a fuller, more defined shape. The results are semi-permanent, and last about four to six weeks.

If you are tired of having to fill in your brows every day, having your brows professionally tinted may be the perfect solution. In addition to saving you time, tinting has a more natural appearance than manually filling in your brows, and it doesn’t leave any of the little marks that a pencil can create. We invite you to contact Rubi Brows & Skincare at 801-901-6045 to schedule your eyebrow tinting appointment, so you can achieve the amazing, alluring arches you deserve.