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The human integumentary system includes the hair, nails, glands, nerves and the various structures of the skin. Some individuals struggle with acne, rosacea, sun-damaged, aging skin and the broken capillaries of telangiectasia. This can start to affect your self-image as well as your sense of self-confidence.

Here at Rubi Brows and Skincare located in Lehi, Utah, our Master Esthetician, Fatima Rubino offers a special oxygen treatment to help address skin conditions like this. The outpatient treatment generally takes around one hour to address various skin types.

The germicidal properties of the oxygen treatment help to kill the bacteria associated with acne. It also helps to lighten and narrow the blood vessels in your skin to quickly provide you with younger looking skin. Afterward, your skin will appear more luminous and you feel firmer.

The treatment process applies a stream of high-pressure oxygen that has been infused with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and special botanical extracts. Some individuals also choose to have an enzyme treatment added to the oxygen treatment, which promotes skin hydration while killing bacteria and reducing dermal inflammation.

If you live in the area surrounding Lehi, Utah, and you are interested in an oxygen treatment to address a skin health problem, you should call (801) 901-6045 to schedule an appointment at Rubi Brows and Skincare.