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The human body is rife with millions of hair follicles. Some play an important role in accenting facial features and other parts of the body. However, excess hair in a specific area or unwanted hair on a highly visible part of the body can sometimes affect your self-image.

In the past, individuals dealing with unwanted hair in a specific area resorted to shaving or plucking individual hair follicles with a tweezer. Some people would also turn to conventional waxing which had a reputation for causing significant discomfort and potential skin irritation.

Here at Rubi Brows and Skincare located in Lehi, Utah, our Master Esthetician, Fatima Rubino offers European waxing. This technique involves applying vitamin-rich skin products that nourish the skin while also helping to relax you. With your skin moisturized she will carefully remove the unwanted hair from the area.

Many people choose European waxing to address unwanted body hair from the bikini area, legs, arms, upper lip area, chest and back as well as full body waxing. Rubi Brows and Skincare can also wax other areas of the face including unwanted nose hair.

If you live in the Lehi, Utah, area and you have been struggling to deal with unwanted body hair, you should call (801) 901-6045 to schedule a European waxing at Rubi Brows and Skincare.